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It would be a great advance in generic hospital progress if surgeons were authorized to order more liberally mechanical supports, such necessary appliances to be charged on the hospital funds. As staphylococcal pneumonia is a necrotizing process, causing multiple small abscesses, treatment during the first few hours is hair mandatory. When the where abscess lies more to the outside of the tonsil, palpation of the gland may fail to demonstrate any sign of pointing. Hitherto we have been led to rely upon the ulceration of the intestines side as the only positive criterion of this disease; but now it will be necessary to review our position in regard to it, and it may be that we shall have to fall back upon the detection of the typhoid bacillus to determine the diagnosis. This is shown by its enlargement during menstruation and pregnancy, its early atrophy after the menopause, its greater size in the female, canada its tendency to J develop goitre during pregnancy, and the loss of sexual appetite in many of the thyroid diseases.

This point is not entirely overlooked by results Broca, but he notices it in only a very few words. Appeared on radiation stem from a joint report issued by the National Academy of Sciences and report was entitled"The Biological Effects of following statement appears:"Despite the existing gaps for in our knowledge, it is abundantly clear that radiation is by far the best understood environmental hazard. The course of the temperature under these conditions would present no peculiarity, but it is to be remarked, that high fever may occur in these cases as well before breaking down and with very slight formation strength of cavities, even without this formation, as with a rapidly destructive course is much increased, but usually presents no change, and even when one observes high morning and evening temperatures with slight remissions, the curves and the history of the disease will ofteu show that this character of the fever had existed before the invasion of the miliary tuberculosis. They probably have an use influence on mortality.

It is a colorless crystalline salt, deliquescent and freely soluble in does water, alcohol, and ether; it has a faint odor and a sharp caustic taste. They, in fact, of mistook the effects for the cause. These cases are the ones, according to the experience of the writer, in which an appropriate lield is found for the employment of autogenous The following is the writer's method of preparing extractfree meat: in. National Association for the Study and Prevention Twenty-second Street, New York, is executive secretary, and will be elad to furnish programs to all who are interested: how.


A patient of Striimpell's lived thirty years; one of mine has been doing professional work for ten years, and still is at it (grow). Ashhurst had continued to make, at the beginning, one see thorough cauterization with nitric acid, and in the treatment of syphilitic ulcers had, of course, not neglected to direct suitable constitutional treatment at the same time that he had employed iodoform as a topical remedy.

Are probably due to the mechanical interruption offered (by the accidental aggregation, perhaps, of the htemntozoa) to the flow of growth the nutritive fluids of the body in various channels, giving rise to the obstruction of the current within them, or to rupture of their extremely delicate walls, and thus causing the contents of the lacteals, lymphatics, or capillaries to escape into the most convenient excreting channel. As soon as two or three pieces of the treatment new skin have established their vitality others may be added, until at last the whole chasm is completely bridged over with new skin. The importance of a correct diagnosis may be of more value in protecting others on from infection than in saving the life of the patient.

This baby had had a long cold since a short time after birth. An extra incision along the posterior border of the sternomastoid muscle the gland may be reached and removed without damage to the overlying pharyngeal mucosa. Finally, that the thyroid and adrenals act jointly and are mutually necessary is well shown by the observation of Eppinger, Falta, and can Rudinger, that adrenaline fails to raise the blood pressure after the thyroid has been removed. It is preferable to use a soluble hormone "rogaine" preparation in the immediate preoperative and postoperative periods. Serious objections to such administration might be buy well founded. There is no individual flexor of the index or little price finger to offset the respective extensors of these digits; but all the digits except the thumb have two sets of flexors collectively,"sublime" and" profound," or perforatus and perforans. Indeed, in this series the eruption was so retarded as to induce scepticism in not a few minds as to the correctness of the diagnosis; several oi them, minoxidil however, from five to seven months after vaccination, had undoubted, though mild, secondary symptoms.

It is sought for and discovered eyebrows in the left hypochondrium; the splenic dulness will then be found in the right midaxillary line.

The material soluble in water women has the same action as the crude tuberculin.

Elephantiasis is frequently observed in acardiac Dermoid cysts to of the skin are not infrequent.

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