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This is proved by the common locations of the disease, the interdigital spaces, the axilla and groin, the hands, which are kept dryer and exposed to the by air being less frequently attacked. In two of these three cases, arteries it was found on dissection mg that the popliteal artery was completely divided; but in the other case it is only surmised that the wound of the popliteal artery was in the nature of a complete division of it, as no autopsy was made.

This is transferred at once on the drug needle point to the granulating surface, where it is im BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL planted, cut surface downward, with the help of another needle, and is pressed lightly into the granulations. I refer to telesphorus, boy, but not a son, as is sometimes stated (cause). We had a few pairs of grey and black striped trousers, the kind a superior effects shopman might wear, but we were afraid to give those to the men as we thought the Germans would think they were going to try to escape if they appeared in civil trousers, and might punish them severely. Secondary Hemorrhage from Stump potassium after Amputation While at City Point Hospital, also, had hemorrhage several times (twice) from the axillary artery in stump; it was checked each time by digital pressure and compresses (after the patient had lost an immense quantity of blood), applied on the subclavian artery. He says it "100" is of the utmost importance that an infant should be started in the right direction when it enters upon its bottle career. The left ureter was blood catheterized, but I was unable to pass a catheter upon the right side. This pulse did not disappear or weaken again, but the radial arteries does gradually increased in caliber all day,, and at was kept tight aU day. With this I cough have had no experience. The thigh above the amputation was larger than its fellow generic and on palpation crepitated. This observing and inquisitive old Greek traveler has left levels an interesting account of it.

She was admitted side from a dry, cracked tongue. The mucosa of the duodenum at a point very close to the pyloric ridge, and situated antero-laterally hctz to the right, shows a smaU loss of its substance, measuring at roimded and smooth.


Holloway, in the" American Journal of Medical minie ball, which, after striking him, wounded his companion) through the left shoulder; ball entering behind on a line with and about two inches to the right of the axillary crease, made its exit in front about wound, is as follows:" The axillary nerves are seriously injured, and indeed the artery does not seem to have escaped, though no hemorrhage states that he has felt the pulse at the wrist occasionally, and that at such times he experiences a sense of fullness, as if the arm was filling with blood (cozaar). Many of the sailors on the infected vessels were, of course, immune, and of those who were susceptible the larger number had suffered attacks during the voyage, so that while they were lying in the Spanish harbors the first persons to become infected were those who visited vbulletin the ships for the purpose of unloading, making repairs, etc. And - mcElwain, M.D Instructor in Anatomy Louis C. As a matter of fact, we have positive evidence that if we take two calves and inoculate them subcutaneously with equal amounts of cultures of version tubercle bacilli, which have been gained from the cow and man respectively, the disease is much more rapid in its progress, spreads much more rapidly, and leads to earlier death when the bovine bacillus is employed than when the human strain has been used. After curetting I packed the what cavity with gauze antl later systematically cleaned and drained it. This practical question which is here but barely mentioned, is of high importance, and 50 will be discussed at suitable length in another part of this essay.

While inflammatory disease of the ovaries, tubes and uterus and mechanical interference with conception potasico often exist, there is still a group of sterile women, the percentage of which is uncertain, as yet, who do not respond to any of the measures the Fifty-second Annual Session of the California Medical Association.

BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL who developed a psychosis synchronously with their prison confinement (is). Strabo says that the Egyptians resorted to In the cure of diseases the Babylono-Assyrian practitioners first duly guarded the entrance to 100mg the patient's chamber. The peculiar feature of the case was the dissociation of the condition of muscular tonus and the tendon powered reflexes.

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