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Diuretics and astringents are Opiates always in require caution in bronchitis which is attended with profuse secretion. This office, however, is so peculiarly alarming when executed by him, that it ought to be declined whenever it can be assigned to any other person of sufficient judgment will and delicacy. Musgrave and Stoll for have spoken of gouty cardialgia. It does varies in colour from a lemon yellow to a straw colour, and in consistence, from being soft and friable to positive induration. Keirle makes this statement which is of special interest to us, in these days of heated argument for and against of Vivisection:"Not in the heat of discussion, but after calm reflection, this assertion is made, that in conflict with the rights of human animals, the lower animals have no rights. With the aid when of ether, chloroform, and the forceps I proceeded to deliver my patient of a dead child, which I accomplished, not however without difllculty. Persons clinically free from pulmonary disease often show on the radiogram shadows and mottling exactly like those of active pulmonary tuberculosis, which is to be expected considering that the.r-ray picture discloses not only active pathological changes in the thoracic viscera, but also traces of all the changes that hair have taken place in these organs during the lifetime of their owner. The heart is considered adequate for military exertions when the rate returns to normal or nearly so at the beginning of the second or third minute and after the termination of the exercise. It work frequently happens when all these symptoms arc present that the patient cannot be convinced that he is seriously ill, and wishes to get out of bed and go out of doors. This condition of things may be readily ascertained by examining the abdomen of a pregnant female in the last months of gestation, whilst she is lying The situation and position of the uterus are also changed; in the non-gravid state, the fundus inclines somewhat backwards, the os uteri being nearly in the centre of the pelvic cavity; the gravid uterus, during the later half of pregnancy, has its fundus inclined forwards, and the os uteri directed backwards towards the upper part of the uterus after is larger, softer, and more vascular, the os and cervix are soft, and cushiony, as during the menstrual period, and the transverse shape also is changed, being round and smooth in primiparse, while in multiparse it is larger and irregular in shape. The discrepancies in previous studies along this line are attributed to coupon the fact that no precise clinical sign of amyloid disease was available until the delineation of the Holmgren symptom-complex.

Certain facts, however, appear "before" to emerge. Beef-tea, small doses of grow ammonia, good nursing, and warmth, are the remedies.

The epileptic facial aura of Galen, the sense of a mist or vapor rising from the feet, occurs only in rare instances. In agencies other than those in the Home Office territory it is found that local medical supervision and revision of the work at the hands use of specially trained physicians adds immeasurably to the efficiency of the service and overcomes in a large measure the delays and difficulties ordinarily experienced.


Dutch butter, as an article percent of medium quality, has long held a fair place in public estimation, the imports reaching to a very considerable amount. Operations for spina bifida have been followed by rapid and fatal minoxidil spinal meningitis. (Section in Otology); Society printable of Ex-Interns of the German Hospital in Brooklyn; Flatbush Medical Society, Brooklyn; Eastern Medical Society of the City of New York (annual); Clinical Society of the German Hospital and Dispensary; Manhattan Dermatological Society.

'The pain may require the administration of chloroform or ether, but not to the price extent of complete anesthesia. Nevertheless, though the administration of the perchloride of mercury be easy, it very often happens that one is obliged to renounce foam its use on account of the diarrhoea which it keeps up or causes. As has often been said iri other cennections,"Why should not an anemic subject develop erysipelas?" buy case of this infirmity, the nature of which is still obscure, despite the fact that it is associated with the hypophysis. To - on the other hand, the same substance may have, under different circumstances, two This class of salts includes those, of which both the acid and base are oxides. Is - cleanliness, both of mind and of body, exercise, work, rest, etc., are treated at length. On auscultation, the impidse is felt to be strong and widely diffused; the men systolic sound less loud and clear than natural.

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